ChinChilla Gang

A Gang of 8888 Chinchilla Living On Celo 🔦


What is
ChinChilla Gang?

ChinChilla Gang is about good energy, optimism and authenticity. We're also fresh as fuck and want everyone to know it.
The ChinChilla Gang collection is composed by 8888 ultra HD NFTs living on Celo blockchain. With this collection we want to create a durable brand and for this reason we didn't put "Celo" in our name like all other NFT projects on this blockchain. We are here to stay and we believe that we have all the cards in our hands to establish as blue chip NFT project and worldwide recognizable brand!
When you buy a ChinChilla Gang, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a provably-rare piece of art. You are gaining membership access to a gang whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your ChinChilla can serve as your digital identity, and open digital doors for you.

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We really value transparency but above all, being honest and straightforward. Success is equal to Results minus Expectations, so we rather surprise you with extras instead of promising you the world.

1. Launch

Building a strong community is the first fundamental step to create long term prosperity and a bright future for the Gang. We are ready to reward who will believe in our project and join early.
Whitelist spots and NFT drops will be given to who join the gang.

2. Marketing Effort and Collaborations

To reward early users who believed in our project, we plan to give back to the community more than $2000 in Cusd and special NFT only for true gang believers. Many collaborations with other projects in the Celo ecosystem and with projects of others blockchains to expand the community beyond Celo.

3. Staking and $GANG token

We want to introduce a utility token obtainable by staking your Chinchilla Gang NFTs!

4. Charity and Carbon Removal

The Gang is planning to donate 5% of all the minting earnings to impactMarket as help to their mission and buying $1000 of cMCO2 (Celo Moss Carbon Credit) to remove the emission produced to generate this collection and more.

5. Mutation Serum

Once all the ChinChilla Gang will be minted a mutation Serum will be dropped and obtainable with $GANG token. The Serum will be useful to mint a wild transformed version.


Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining more than 200 unique traits across different categories. The main rare trait that define the entire collection is the Chinchilla color.
There are 10 handcrafted super rare NFTs across the collection.

Pastel Blue
Light Gray
Silver Body
Gold Body
10 Unique NFTs


I'm Lisa, a full time graphic designer from Estonia based in Vienna. I have more than 3 years of experience in experimenting with digital art.

When I'm not designing and drawing, you can find me riding my horse or drink a glass of "Primitivo" with my friends.

I'm not alone in this journey and with me there are Lorenzo, a successful web designer, marketing lead and community manager, and Andrea, our magic backend developer!

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